AARP: 91 Year-old Woman Makes Marathon History, 7/22/2014

July 22, 2014

AARP: 91 Year-old Woman Makes Marathon History

At 91 years old, Harriet Thompson completed her 15th marathon, making her the second oldest marathon runner in U.S history!  Thompson only began jogging at the age of 76, proving you are never too old to get into better shape.

A two-time cancer survivor, Thompson said she wasn’t even in her best shape during this most recent marathon, as she was recovering from a recent round of radiation. It is never too late to make healthy changes in your life; we all have to start somewhere! Begin by making goals for yourself, and figuring out how you may want to achieve them. You’ll be able to track your progress along the way and be proud of the changes on your healthy lifestyle journey!


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  • Mbc says

    Holly, Thank you for your perspective I ttaolly agree! I was one of those skinny people who was Very Unhealthy and it lead to me being Obese and still Very Unhealthy! I have 100% changed the way I eat and am FINALLY getting healthy, but not losing weight due to some medication I am on. Hopefully I can get off of it soon and lose the weight, but in the meantime, I am learning and doing all I can and from what I’m learning, I think it is URGENT that we teach people about the bad things they are eating the sad truth is that they DON’T KNOW!!! I’m so glad I found this site I think we should help and challenge each other to teach others!

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