NEWS: JUSTICE IN HEALTH FOR ALL: Dr. Adewale Troutman (APHA) addresses health of black community, 6/1

June 01, 2013

APHA-logoThe Center for Closing the Health Gap hosted Dr. Adewale Troutman, president of the American Public Health Association (APHA), who led a forum titled “The Health of the Black Community” on Saturday, June 1.

The APHA is an international organization for public health professionals with more than 50,000 members, and Dr. Troutman is renowned for his commitment to social justice, human rights, community activism, health equity, and addressing national and global health issues. His life’s work is a testimony to this fact.

Troutman_AdewaleAccording to the APHA, “Dr. Troutman has over 40 years of dedication through action to the principles of universal freedoms and the elimination of racism, injustice and oppression. His unique educational background has been a major factor in this quest.”

The forum’s theme was “Justice in Health for All: Our Health Matters Too.” Held at Woodward Career Technical High School, Dr. Troutman helped nearly 275 community residents in attendance understand health disparities and how they affect the black community.

Well-attended by both community members and city officials, this quote from Dr. Troutman summarizes the overall message of the day’s event. “In order for members of the community to know that there is an injustice in the health of African Americans, we must teach them about health disparities.”

This was Dr. Troutman’s second event in conjunction with the Health Gap. His message brought awareness and understanding to those in attendance. “I believe Saturday’s meeting has laid the foundation for a national movement in commanding that all citizens are treated equally when it comes to health and our healthcare system,” said Dwight Tillery, CEO for Center for Closing the Health Gap.

The Center for Closing the Health Gap is planning a rally in early fall to command “Justice in Health for All” and will involve multiple community organizations and community leaders.

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