Cincinnati’s most vulnerable populations live sicker and die earlier than others. It’s unacceptable and preventable — and it’s at the core of our campaign.

We address the very real issue of health inequities in Cincinnati. From government and health organization partnerships to grassroots programs and initiatives, we are making a difference.

Our work is based on the principle that the people most affected by health disparities must lead the movement. To do that, we educate residents about how to live healthier through nutrition, fitness and improving overall wellness.

Brenda, featured in our awareness campaign, is an example of how we work in the lives of those we serve. She knew she had health risks before going to our Annual Health Expo but didn’t know how serious. A free health screening at the event revealed she had diabetes.
Her story is one we encounter every day.

Our mission is to give everyone the chance to enjoy healthier, longer lives.

Learn more by calling at 513.585.9872 to help us end health inequities.

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