Do Right!® Health Campaign

Health_Leadership_InstituteThe Do Right!® Health campaign was launched in 2008 to combat family obesity. The effort promotes healthy living through nutrition and physical activity serving almost 20,000 participants to date.

The following programs are part of the ever-expanding Do Right!® campaign and its initiatives.

Health Leadership Institute & Challenge

The Health Gap welcomed 126 participants from some of Cincinnati’s many faith-based organizations to the Do Right!® Health Leadership Institute and Challenge.

Taking place over five months, core participants experienced a 13% reduction in BMI and 44% reduction in glucose levels. Most impressively, 95% made significant life-style changes due to the program.

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Kids After School Intervention Program


On average, children participating in the intervention program saw a significant decrease in weekly screen time (down an average of 40%) as well as decreased sweetened beverage consumption (down 30%). They also increased their physical activity by an average of 14% and fruit/vegetable consumption by 10%. The program included kids in fourth grade through junior high school.

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Master Nutrition Volunteer Certification

We work to educate the community about the importance of nutrition. This seven-week series instructs on key elements of healthy eating and food participation. Incorporated into the program is a teach back requirement to receive the certification ensuring that participants continue helping others. To date, the program has graduated 88 Master Nutrition volunteers, who trained 825 participants in one year.


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Healthy Corner Store Market


Our vision is to increase availability and sales of healthy, affordable foods in existing small-scale corner stores in underserved communities. We work directly with corner store owners to provide support and resources in order for the owners to introduce healthier options in their stores. Replicating Philadelphia’s successful model, we currently partner with 11 stores in participating neighborhoods including Avondale, West End, Walnut Hills, Clifton, Northside, Roselawn, Evanston, and South Cumminsville.

The goals of the initiative are as follows:

  1. Increase access to healthy foods
  2. Increase sale of healthy food items
  3. Decrease alcohol and tobacco advertisement
  4. Provide nutrition education to community residents
  5. Increase the confidence and skills of the owners

Current Participating Stores:

  • Avondale Mart
  • Beekman Street Market
  • Blair Food Market
  • Fey’s Grocery
  • Hamilton Mart
  • Jet-In Market
  • Johnny’s
  • Ms. P’s Mini Market
  • One Stop Shop
  • Ravine Street Market
  • Zweets

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Produce Markets

The Produce Markets provide fresh affordable produce to community residents. They are held bi-monthly where the community can purchase produce bags for $5. The convenience locations include Taft Elementary, Douglass Elementary, and Rockdale Academy.

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Mt. Auburn Block-by-Block

Mt_AuburnThis Do Right!® initiative is a resident-led Block-by-Block lifestyle modification intervention. Based on the 5-3-2-1-Almost None Campaign, it focuses on physical activity level and dietary outcomes. We continue to evaluate the impact of the Block-by-Block initiative as it is led and implemented by trained Neighborhood Leaders and encourages self-efficacy and advocacy.

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Community Engagement Academy


The purpose of the Academy is to train community members to become community leaders. The four-month class series follows a specific curriculum that includes:

  • Leadership and engaging the community
  • Community Organizing
  • Community Advocacy
  • Conflict Resolution

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