Other factors include societal racism that leads to poorer housing, education, nutrition, and unsafe neighborhoods

May 24, 2016


Title:   Other factors include societal racism that leads to poorer housing, education, nutrition, and unsafe neighborhoods.

Universal Health Care Action Network. http://uhcanohio.org/content/health-equity


Social Determinants of health: Education and Income are major players.  Disparities in non- completion of high school and poverty do exist.  Income disparity in non-completion of high school was greatest for those with family income below the national poverty level.  Percentage of those with disabilities who did not complete high school was about double that of adults without disabilities.  The proportion of those with disabilities who were under the poverty level was over twice that of those who do not have disabilities.

Environmental Hazards:

1)      Inadequate and Unhealthy housing:

a)      Proportion of unhealthy housing units has decreased.  Among those housing units classified as unhealthy, the magnitude of the disparities decreased across racial/ethnic, income, and educational level categories.  The disparity among race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability status, and education are still very large.

Health-care access and preventative services:

1)      Health insurance coverage:

a)      Insurance is strongly correlated to a better health outcome.   Large disparities were observed for all demographic and socioeconomic groups.  Hispanics and non-Hispanic blacks were found to have substantially higher uninsured rates compared to Asian/Pacific Islanders and non-Hispanic whites.

2)      Flu vaccination coverage:

a)      lower vaccination rates were observed for non-Hispanic blacks and Hispanics, compared with non-Hispanic whites among all people who were older than 6 years old.

Fact Sheet-CDC Health Disparities and Inequalities Report.

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