HEALTH CANAL: Poor Nutrition Leads to Development of Chronic Diseases, 7/5/2014

July 05, 2014

Poor Nutrition Leads to Development of Chronic Diseases

An international research study published in the Clinical Nutrition journal has recently shown the first evidence of its kind. The study observed that a lack of adequate nutrition is associated with developing multiple chronic illnesses over time.  One thousand individuals over a five year period were observed and over that time, a proportionate increase in those with more than one chronic disease shot up from 14% to 34%.

Although other negative behaviors such as smoking and physical inactivity certainly have an effect on health outcomes, this is the first ever study to link strictly to a lack of adequate nutrition to these poor health outcomes. A key factor in affecting the health outcomes of the participants was the role of vitamins found in healthier food options, which protect against many diseases. This groundbreaking study surely reinforces the importance of nutrition and how getting the proper vitamins and minerals from fresh, healthy foods makes a difference in our bodies.


To learn more about the study, click here.


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