HEALTH CARE REFORM: Understanding the Affordable Care Act

August 05, 2013

The Affordable Care Act means big changes in health care for our country and your family. We have gathered important information that will help guide you and navigate the new landscape in medical care.

We’ve provided several links here for you to access some of the best resources available. Click the links and thumbnails for access to more information.


Health_Care_Consumer_ReportsTypical questions about the ACA include:

  • Get answers to these questions and more here.If I get my health insurance through my employer or throughMedicare, what, if anything, will change?
  • If I don’t have health insurance— or lose mine—how will I be able to find a policy I can afford?
  • Who is affected by the require- ment (known as the “mandate”) that everyone sign up for health insurance?

Find answers to these questions and more from Consumer Reports.


ACA_OhioThe Affordable Care Act in Ohio

With health care reform, Ohio will see many changes in the lives of its residents regarding access of care. Find out how it will help Ohioans. The following is a few of those benefits:

  • Allow more people access to health coverage
  • Protect the rights of consumers
  • Focus on avoiding illness and healthy living
  • Improve the care you receive
  • Lower health care costs




Web sites with more information about the ACA:


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