Healthy Corner Store Network Expands

July 25, 2014

Good News in Cincinnati’s Food Deserts

image (1)The Health Gap is continuing to spread healthy messages out into the community with our Healthy Corner Store partners!  Our vision is to increase availability and sales of healthy, affordable foods in small-scale corner stores in underserved communities. Replicating Philadelphia’s successful model, we have worked with stores in Avondale, the West End and Walnut Hills with more planned.


The goals of the initiative are as follows:

  1. Increase access to healthy foods
  2. Increase sale of healthy food items
  3. Decrease alcohol and tobacco advertisement
  4. Provide nutrition education to community residents
  5. Increase the confidence and skills of the owners


New Stores in the Healthy Corner Stores Network

  • One Stop Shop on Paddock Road
  • Shop Rite on Reading Road
  • Clifton International Market on Jefferson Avenue
  • Ravine Street Market on Warner Street
  • St. Bernard Market on Vine Street
  • Hamilton Mart Cell on Hamilton Avenue
  • Bond Hill Quick Stop on Reading Road

Congratulations to our newest partners!  Please show them your support by checking out the healthy options they have available.

Nutrition Tables

Of course, corner store owners are not simply given access to our resources and left on their own.  Health Gap Community Outreach team members travel to each of the corner stores to set up and staff nutrition tables, which provide information and education about eating healthy.  These events benefit both community members and store owners by highlighting the fresh food that is available.  The nutrition tables also provide samples of healthy snacks made using ingredients that can be found in the corner stores to show that eating right can be not only rewarding but delicious as well!

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