HEALTHY RECIPE: 29 Healthier Donut Recipes, 6/6/2014

June 06, 2014

29 Healthier Donut Recipes

Today is National Doughnut Day and it can be nearly impossible to resist the lure of one of those sweet, doughy treats—especially when they’re free! If you do have a hankering for a doughnut, why not put your culinary skills to use by creating your own healthier doughnut?

These are 29 recipes for easy-to-make, delicious, healthier doughnuts. They are seriously so easy that your kids can help you to make them (and to eat them). Some of the recipes include:

  • Chocolate-Frosted Bite-Sized Donuts
  • Pecan Glazed Pumpkin Cake Donuts
  • Peanut Butter Cup Donuts
  • Carrot Cake Donuts with Honey-Cream Cheese Frosting


Click here to read the full list!

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