HUFFINGTON POST: Setting the Table for a Healthy Workforce, 6/12/2014

June 12, 2014

Setting the Table for a Healthy Workforce

Many of us know that what you eat can impact your health.  But did you know it also has an effect on your performance at work?  People who don’t eat enough nutritious food have trouble concentrating and making good decisions and are at greater risk for workplace accidents.  People who do get enough healthy food during the work day are much more likely to rate their performance at work as “good” or “excellent”.

Americans who work full-time eat at least one in four meals during work hours.  In many workplaces, healthy choices are not available, forcing employees to either spend time preparing a bag lunch or go out to eat, where they may easily consume 1,000 or more calories in one meal.  Workplaces are ideal spaces for promoting healthy habits, but unfortunately, many have become tiny food deserts stocked only with unhealthy treats, vending machine snacks, coffee and soda.  Even those that have cafeterias rarely offer affordable, fresh options that make healthy eating seem appealing. For every dollar a company spent on employee health programs, they would save $3.27 on the medical costs of treating unhealthy workers.  Obesity and related illnesses lead to 39 million lost work days per year, so we must remember that a culture of health also includes a healthy workplace


To learn more about promoting health habits in the workplace, click here.


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