HUFFINGTON POST: Supporting People with Multiple Chronic Conditions, 2/12

February 12, 2014

Supporting People with Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Health Priority

With our aging population, it has not been uncommon for physicians to find themselves treating patients that have two or more chronic conditions. Data shows that 26.0% of adults and 68.4% of Medicare beneficiaries now have multiple chronic conditions (MCC). That said, clinical outcomes such as mortality and quality of life are negatively affected both by this increasing number and condition-based treatment, resulting in fragmented care.  Recently, however, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has presented a new framework that focuses on the improvement of those with multiple chronic conditions, concentrating on the particular patient rather than the condition. In this patient-centered method of care, the enhancement of patient health is better achieved, where care providers are given better tools and self-care management services are maximized. In the past three years, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has successfully implemented multiple objectives, such as launching innovative care delivery models, delivering the program to over 194,000 individuals and sponsoring the development of a MCC Measurement Framework. Additional initiatives have been presented in December 2013, where training materials for healthcare professionals have been included. The steps made through such collaborations are crucial for the continuing support and enhancement of health in those with multiple chronic conditions, as well as the rest of the population. With better prevention and management of multiple chronic conditions, we can provide a hopeful outlook for the future health of everyone.


Article provided by the Huffington Post, with contributors Howard K. Koh and Anand K. Parekh. 5 Dec. 2013


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