KIDS HEALTH: Help Your Parents Get Healthy, 6/11/2014

June 11, 2014

Help Your Parents Get Healthy

Listen up, parents!  In a recent survey by, kids told researchers how much their parents’ lifestyle choices impact them. 46% of children are concerned about their parents’ health, and 69% wish that their parents would make changes to be healthier.  However, you have the power to make a change!  The majority of parents surveyed said that they would work harder to get healthy if their kids asked them to. So if your child asks you to make a change, listen to them!  Here are some ideas to get that conversation started.

Tips for Parents

  1. Don’t be upset or embarrassed if your child suggests that you make healthier choices.  They care about you, and want to see you healthy and happy!
  2. Use your kids as motivation.  If you are exercising more and eating better, you’ll have more energy and enthusiasm to spend time with them.
  3. Find activities your whole family enjoys: Exercise is more fun if you have a buddy.  Healthy foods can also become family favorites if you let everyone help choose the recipe and prepare the dish.


Tips for Kids

  1. Think of reasons you want to talk with your parents about their health.  Is there something you’d like to see them do less often, or stop doing?  Is there a healthy habit you’d like to see them do more often?  Write these things down so you remember them when you are ready to talk to your parents.
  2. Don’t criticize or use insults.  Be sensitive, and remember, just because your parents are adults does not mean they can’t get their feelings hurt!  For example, you might say “I want you to be healthy and strong so we can do more fun things together.  Could we try more healthy foods at home?”
  3. Help out!  Make healthy activities fun for your whole family.  Rather than telling your parents to exercise more, suggest going on a bike ride together or find some healthy recipes to try.
  4. Cheer them on!  Adults need encouragement too, especially when they’re trying to make big life changes.


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