THE NEWS TRIBUNE: Short Exercise Breaks in Bethel Schools Help Students Stay Alert, 2/24

February 24, 2014

Short Exercise Breaks in Bethel Schools Help Students Stay Alert

Students at Spanaway Elementary School in Bethel, Ohio are receiving a new method of academic enhancement, through the use of ‘Brain Breaks’. These Brain Breaks consist of short, thirty-second to two-minute bursts of movement and exercise, in order to help the students keep alert throughout the school day. Following a lesson or when focus in the classroom is needed, the students follow particular movements that the teacher performs, guided by an organized plan created by PE teachers within the district. The plan is organized into five sections including brain prep, content review, chair yoga, brain breaks, and class cohesion with a total of ninety activities. The activities can be as simple as standing up for some jumping jacks and finger snapping, or more game-like activities involving the classroom working as a group. The short bursts of exercise prove very beneficial to the academic performance of the children, as it increases the blood flow to the brain, increasing the flow of oxygen to the areas that control memory and information retention.

With schools facing an inadequate amount of physical education provided each week, Brain Breaks provide a small amount of activity for the children which can make up for a bit of that lost time. Although some teachers may be hesitant to the idea with busy lesson plans, the introduction of activity in the classroom, even for just a few minutes, proves beneficial to focus and attention. This leads to more efficient productivity and better learning in the classroom, with hopes towards a better, healthier future.


This article is provided by The News Tribune with contributor Eva Revear. 13 December 2013.

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