Policy Link: The Benefits of Paid Sick Days, 07/29/2014

July 29, 2014

The Benefits of Paid Sick Days

In 2011, Connecticut became the first state to require workers to be able to earn paid sick leave. For many part-time workers, especially in industries like retail and hospitality, it was their first opportunity ever to earn paid sick leave. Many businesses and employers expressed that paid sick days would negatively impact business in the state, but an evaluation found the opposite to be true. Not only was the impact on business minimal, employment actually rose in several sectors, including hospitality and health services. This supports the idea that what is good for workers is also good for businesses.

Currently, a shocking 41 million people do not have access to paid sick leave. Women and racial minorities, specifically African Americans and Latinos, are the least likely to have paid sick days due to the industries that they may work for.  There are plenty of businesses throughout the nation that don’t offer this benefit. Giving workers the ability to earn paid sick leave is more than the right thing to do, it’s a smart business move that underscores how what’s good for workers is good for the economy too.

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