PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE: Healthy Meals for Healthier Ohio Kids, 6/5/2014

June 05, 2014

Healthy Meals for Healthier Ohio Kids

  As many of us know, nutrition plays a large role in our overall health. For all ages, a healthy diet is one of the goals of a healthy lifestyle. However, as children develop and grow, nutritional needs are at their peak, especially since experts believe there is a link between nutrition and learning. The reputation of school meals in the past has not been one that necessarily comes to mind when thinking of the word ‘healthy.’ However, Cincinnati Public Schools has recently been changing that reputation. By slowly starting to increase whole grain, low fat, and low sodium options, our local school district has been able make wonderful steps towards slashing the statistic that one in three children are at risk for preventable diet-related diseases. As our children learn about healthier lifestyles, we know that we can all make steps towards a healthier Cincinnati; not just for our kids, but for everyone.


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