Remembering Dick Gregory

August 23, 2017


Remembering Dick Gregory

Renowned Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory has passed recently, but his spirit will live on. Gregory’s knack for using satirical comedy to confront racism was ingenious. His comedy allowed him to break racial and cultural barriers that allowed him the space to use his comedy to raise awareness and ignite conversations on the topic of racism. On top of his wit and wisdom he was also a devoted civil rights activist who risked his life protesting and speaking out against the racial injustices imposed on African-Americans. His beliefs drove his actions and Gregory was indeed a man of action.

The Health Gap had the honor of hosting Dick Gregory at our Black Men’s Health Event last year. His speech encouraged the men to take control of their own lives and to start doing things that would improve their health and improve their day to day interactions. His wit and humor was a cornerstone in the conversation and the men really resonated with what he had to say. We are so appreciative that we were able to be even a small part of this great man’s life.

Dick Gregory was a strong example of how to use your life and talents to better the world around you and take a stand for what is right. Gregory’s life is proof that a person can use their own talents and skills to play a role in making an impact in an area that they believe in. His extraordinary legacy will continue to influence and inspire generations in the future. Dick Gregory will be greatly missed.

Dick Gregory

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