RWJF: Breaking Through the Myth of the ‘Deadbeat Dad’, 10/21/2014

October 21, 2014

Breaking Through the Myth of the ‘Deadbeat Dad’

Professor of nursing at Rush University in Chicago, Wrenetha Julion, is working to break the public’s perception and overuse of the term ‘deadbeat dad’ in African American communities and foster the positive involvement of fathers that currently do not live with their children. Juilion is performing research at a time where the topic is stirring, as President Obama has launched initiatives to address challenges that face fathers that are of color and promote parenting responsibility among these fathers. With lower marriage rates and higher divorce rates, African American men are more likely to not live in the same household as their children, and therefore become less involved in positive fatherhood. Research shows fathers that are more involved are more likely to foster healthy relationships and success in their children. As there is a lack of research as to how to get African American fathers more involved, Julion is placing her efforts in this battle, identifying that African American fathers express wanting to become more involved, yet they face additional barriers. As a result of Julion’s research, steps can be made towards implementing a relevant initiative to address this issue.


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