RWJF: Building a Culture of Health: There is No Place like Home, 11/24/2014

November 25, 2014

Building a Culture of Health: There is No Place like Home

Recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the impact of home visits on both maternal and child health was addressed. In the research conducted, the health outcomes were observed among primarily low-income African American women and children in urban neighborhoods over a nineteen year period, assessing the influence of home visits and premature death. Establishing a relationship between the mothers both before and after birth allows the underlying barriers in healthy living to be addressed, tackling what occurs beyond the visit to the doctor’s office. With trained medical professionals such as nurses and midwives, caregivers can become empowered to make healthier choices that will affect the quality of both their lives, and their children’s lives. Although there is still quite some knowledge to uncover about home visits, we can safely say that it is a step towards healthier mothers and children.


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