RWJF: Are the Children Well?, 07/28/2014

July 28, 2014

Are the Children Well?
Not only do adults face challenges in keeping the stress away, but our nation’s younger children are facing challenges as well. The focus of health care for children should perhaps shift from illness to wellness! Evidence-based strategies can be implemented to improve the quality of the environments where our children learn and play.
According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, experts have recently begun to push for an emphasis on the fostering of wellness in order to close the distinctive gap between physical and mental care.
Trends have been showing that this separation between the two categories has been harmful to children, causing the need to readdress the balance of attention to wellness instead of illness. In order to address the issue, the evidence for both prevention and promotion interventions will be useful in improving the care and well-being of children’s mental health. We all have stress in our lives, but positivity helps to keep us going.

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