RWJF: Pulling the Plug on the Tobacco “Power Wall”: CVS Pharmacies to Stop Selling Tobacco

February 21, 2014

Pulling the Plug on the Tobacco “Power Wall”: CVS Pharmacies to Stop Selling Tobacco

On February 5th, 2014, CVS Pharmacies formally announced their plan to stop selling tobacco products throughout all of their 7,600 U.S. locations.  This change will take effect starting in October 2014. Not only does this movement remove one of the avenues for current smokers, but it also allows us to look at the power of marketing of such habits, through what is known as the tobacco “power wall.” Through tactics including colorful displays, incentives for stores, and the masking of nearby products to aide in quitting the habit, tobacco companies have quietly been pushing the products in a desirable fashion, which leads to a negative influence on children and teens. Through the wall’s placement at the point of sale, there is a suggestion that the products are easily accessible and popular, which contributes to impulse purchases and the belief to younger audiences that smoking is a socially acceptable habit. However, we hope that this innovative lead by CVS Pharmacies will be a catalyst for other pharmacies to follow in supporting a positive culture of health.


This article was provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Accessed 18 Feb 2014.


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