State of Black America-Summary

July 13, 2016


State of Black America-Summary


  • Overview:
    • Mission: Providing thoughtful commentary and analysis for politics, cooperate topics, NGOs, academia, and popular culture.
      • Help promote a sense of empowerment
  • Equality Index: Provides analysis on racial inequality in America
  • Black Americans are at a equality percentage of 72.2% compared to average white Americans
  • Funding needs to be put into developing our urban communities in the US
    • Since 2006, the US has spent $50 Billion rebuilding Afghanistan
    • In 2008, $400 billion was spent on the Trouble Asset Relief Program
  • $1 Trillion Multi-Pronged Approach over the next 5 years to improve urban communities. A few key points:
    • Universal early childhood education
    • Expanded homeowner strategies
    • Expansion of Earned Income Tax Credit
    • Doubling Pell Grant to make college more affordable
    • Education in literacy and home buying
    • Expansion of Low-Income Housing
  • Even if the Equality Index seems like it may not be improving, it is important to remember that this is a slow process.
    • Categories may improve while other categories may decline either innately or as a result of improvement.


  • 2016 Equality Index Report-Black and White
    • The Equality Index grew from 72.0% in 2015 to 72.2% in 2016
      • Largest category that increased was education from 76.1% to 77.4%.
        • Due to increased college attainment and enrollment
    • The smallest category that increased was economics and social justice that increased from 55.5% to 56.2 and from 60.6% to 60.8% respectively.
      • Economic increase due to closing the electronic gap and lower denial rates for mortgage loans
      • Social justice decrease due to lower incarceration rates
    • 2 Categories decreased: civic engagement (104.0% to 100.6%) and health index (79.6% to 79.4%)
      • Civic engagement decline was due to a low voter registration and participation




Equality Index of Black America Breakdown:


  • Black-White Metropolitan Unemployment Equality Index
    • Province-Warwick, RI-MA- Black-White index of 68.7%
      • Area with the smallest Black-White unemployment gap
  • Metro areas with the smallest unemployment gap may not be providing the best opportunities for either party.
    • San Antonio-Lowest unemployment rate for Blacks but is only ranked #6 for equality ranking
    • Highest unemployment rate for blacks: Cleveland OH (20%)
    • Income Equality index
      • Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA=Top Income Equality Ranking
        • The Median Black household earns $0.76 for every $1 the median White household makes.
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul- Bloomington, MN-WI=Lowest Income Equality
    • Median Black income is $0.38 per $1
  • Toledo OH has the lowest median income for Black Households ($22,386)
  • 40 Year Summary
    • The first publication was described as “profoundly depressing”
    • The mission continues that aspects of life can be measured empirically
      • This data has grounded the slow progression of equality

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