11/7: From Slavery – Now! Root Causes of Infant Mortality Rates

November 07, 2015

Cincinnati Public Invited to Attend Community Conversations: From Slavery – Now! Root Causes of Rates of Infant Mortality in our Communities

Free community event features speaker Dr. Arthur James, activities for children, cooking and fitness demonstration and more

Hamilton County has some of the highest rates for infant mortality in all of the United States. The Center for Closing the Health Gap in Greater Cincinnati — in partnership with Cradle Cincinnati, Cincinnati Recreation Commission, Cincinnati Public Schools, and the Bootsy Collins Foundation — invite the general public …

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RWJF: Building a Culture of Health: There is No Place like Home, 11/24/2014

November 25, 2014

Building a Culture of Health: There is No Place like Home

Recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the impact of home visits on both maternal and child health was addressed. In the research conducted, the health outcomes were observed among primarily low-income African American women and children in urban neighborhoods over a nineteen year period, assessing the influence of home visits and premature death. Establishing a relationship between the mothers both before and after birth allows the underlying barriers in healthy living to …

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Prayer on the Square to Combat Infant Mortality

October 18, 2014

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WASHINGTON POST: Healthier Babies for Low-Income Mothers, 9/23/2014

September 23, 2014

Healthier Babies for Low-Income Mothers

Good news for expectant mothers everywhere: the disparity in newborn health is lessening between high income and low income mothers. This news comes as results of a recent study conducted by Anna Aizer and Janet Currie, professors at Brown and Princeton universities, respectively. These researchers measured newborn health by birth weight, and used race, education and marital status as measures for economic background. Using information from 1989-2009, the study found that 1 in 6 babies born in the economically challenged group …

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Infant Mortality Public Hearing

September 02, 2014

The CDC recently released a report revealing that Ohio has the 5th highest infant mortality rate in the nation! Infant mortality is the death of babies before their first birthday. What’s more, African-American babies are twice as likely to suffer from such a fate!

The Health Gap has been working with Cradle Cincinnati to address this issue but more needs to be done. The deaths of our most precious resources is unacceptable! If you agree, join us for a public hearing at Cincinnati City Council’s Budget …

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Public Hearing on Infant Mortality

August 26, 2014






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June 13, 2013

Cincinnati health organizations, hospitals and city leaders along with the Health Gap formed a collaborative dedicated to decreasing Cincinnati infant mortality rates to below average rates in five years.

Currently, the mortality rate among infants in some Cincinnati populations is three times the national average.

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