TIME: An hour of exercise can make up for a day of sitting down, 08/07/2014

August 07, 2014

An hour of exercise can make up for a day of sitting down

Everyone knows that it’s important to be physically active, but what does everyone do when they are not exercising? A recent study has shown that what we’re doing when we’re not exercising is relevant to our health. Dr. Jarett Berry at UT Southwestern Medical Center conducted a study with the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey to determine the effects of prolonged sedentary behavior. He found that regardless of the total amount of physical activity, sitting was linked to lower heart fitness. Berry also found that men and women who logged less time sitting had better fitness compared to those who spent more hours in a chair or on the couch. This suggests that while it is important to exercise, more focus should be on sitting less throughout the day. There are many easy ways to add more movement into your day to prevent prolonged periods of sitting. If you find yourself sitting all day at work or you just have a lazy day, try to at least exercise for one hour for every six to seven hours of sitting. This will help combat the negative effects sitting has on your body and health. Get moving today so that you can live better tomorrow!

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