The Stories

The mission of the Health Gap is to work within the community to make real change in the lives of vulnerable populations. This gives us the great fortune of being part of the lives of many in Cincinnati.

Through our programs and initiatives, we get to hear how healthy changes directly impact the daily lives of those who participate. We’ve gathered here a sampling of those stories.

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Do Right!® Campaign in Mt. Auburn

Mt_Auburn2The Mt. Auburn Do Right!® Block model is a 12-week lifestyle modification intervention that is led and sustained by neighborhood residents to combat obesity. The intervention is designed to improve diet and physical activity levels through instruction, experience and observation opportunities.

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We asked participants, “How has the Mt. Auburn Program changed your life?”

  • “It has made me stop and think about what I’m putting in my mouth on a daily basis and if I’m exercising or not. I’m thinking about how food is affecting me, which is really quite interesting, considering as many diets I’ve been on and I’ve never thought about it. But this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. I love it.” – Tammy Reeves
  • “It has had a positive impact on educating me on better choices. I make more informed, smart choices. It is a combination of exercising and eating well. It starts when I plan my meals. I actually think about what I need to have to cook my meals. Five servings of fruits and vegetables….three structured meals. I didn’t think about that when I went to the store, I just bought what I saw, what I wanted at that time. Now I’m making better choices….you know what I mean?” – Howard Martin, Health Captain
  • “I love it a lot! Everybody at work is talking about me. They are so tired about hearing about this class, they don’t know what to do. My eating habits are so different. We went to the casino yesterday. I ate four stalks of asparagus, guacamole, a little bowl of egg drop soup, and a salad. And I was full! We walk every day. I can bend over now and touch my toes. I’m good to go now. I feel good! I had my six months check up. Everything is A Okay!” – Peralette McCants
  • “It makes me eat more vegetables and fruits than I thought I could because I never ate any before. It made me cut out drinking any soda. I drink water and that’s it. I exercise and have lost weight—9lbs since August 17th. And, I exercise more and I walk everyday around the block when I used to just come in, take my clothes off and start watching TV. When this program ends, I’m going to still be eating fruits and vegetables and exercising. I never used to exercise at all. All the college students up where I work help me exercise everyday, and they encourage me to keep it up. They do exercises with me when we have a break and there’s nothing going on. I’ve had fun. I didn’t think I was going to have fun. I thought it was going to be a bore.” – Carolyn Luckey