YALE NEWS: Repackaging Cigarette Addiction, 7/3/2014

July 03, 2014

Repackaging Cigarette Addiction: Yale Researchers call on the FDA to update guidelines on nicotine replacement products

Each year in the U.S., 480,000 people die from tobacco related causes and 16 million people suffer from tobacco-related illnesses. There are many approaches to quit smoking, including nicotine replacement products such as Nicorette gum and patches. Nicotine replacement products are powerful and safe ways to quit smoking. Evidence suggests they can be used earlier, longer, and in different combinations than what is currently recommended by the FDA.

Currently, the FDA guidelines on these products are preventing people from using them to their full extent. Yale researchers are reaching out to the FDA in attempts to change the restrictions on these products. Science has supported the success of these products’ effectiveness in helping people quit smoking; however, FDA regulations are limiting their use. Could this be getting in the way of successfully kicking an unhealthy habit?

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