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President & CEO

Renee Mahaffey Harris
President & CEO

As a committed advocate for the underserved and marginalized populations, Renee is leading the Health Gap in the fight to end health disparities in Cincinnati and beyond. Under her guidance, we continue to innovatively engage, educate and advocate to create a culture of health for all.

For all inquiries please email us at ClosingtheGap@thehealthgap.org or call 513-585-9872.


Vanessa Gentry, Finance and Human Resource Director  |  Contact 

Priya Joshi, Program Development & Evaluation Director  |  Contact

Vashti Rutledge, Community Engagement Director  |  Contact 

Brieyanna Braxton, Program Coordinator  |  Contact 

Nature Brooks, Community Engagement Coordinator  |  Contact 

Jerita Simpson, Community Projects Director  |  Contact 

Deborah Spradley, Senior Project Director  |  Contact 

Lauren Hardin, Communications Manager  |  Contact 

Alice Williams, Community Program Coordinator  |  Contact