Do Right! Relax & Restore Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop

Do Right! Relax & Restore Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop - Jun 15, 2019

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In the Mindfulness Meditation Workshop, we will cover what mindfulness and how it can play a part in your wellness routine as well as how to practice mindfulness, including hands-on mindfulness and breathing exercises. We will also cover the role of gratitude and how it interconnects with mindfulness and your mental wellbeing and what you can do at home to practice mindfulness on a daily basis.

The Do Right! Relax & Restore interactive workshop series teaches you how to cope with stress through mindfulness, art, nutrition, holistic health, and healthy relationships. During this series, you will practice skills to free yourself from unproductive anxieties and unhealthy behaviors so that you can experience peace and joy in your daily life. There will be weekly giveaways for each session.

This FREE workshop will be Saturday, June 15th, 2019 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Classes will be held at The Health Gap located at 3120 Burnet Avenue, Suite 201, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229.

For more information please call the Health Gap at 513-585-9879 or email us at

Workshop Series 2019 Schedule

May 11, 2019: Introduction to Stress
June 15, 2019: Mindfulness Meditation
July 13, 2019: Nutrition & Stress
September 14, 2019: Holistic Health
August 17, 2019: Creative Expression
October 19, 2019: Healthy Relationships

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