Black Women’s Health Movement

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Empowering African American women to live healthier lives.

The Black Women’s Health Movement is designed to engage and empower African American women across the socioeconomic spectrum of our community to live healthier lives — body and mind.

Join the Movement!

Improve the physical heatlh and mental wellness of black women in Greater Cincinnati — starting with you, your family, your neighborhood and our city . We welcome organizations and individuals alike. Select how you want to have an impact by filling out the Individual or Organization/Business form in the following. It’s that easy!

Our Work So Far

Led by our President and CEO Renee Mahaffey Harris, we have a team of dedicated committee members who are passionate about our movement. With their help, we’ve conducted national literature reviews, interviewed and surveyed more than 110 women across 27 Cincinnati neighborhoods to understand the following:

  1. Health issues and initiatives for women in general and black women specifically
  2. Prevalent health diseases within the African American community
  3. Socioeconomic impacts on health in general and among African American families
  4. African American habits and practices relating to health and wellness
  5. Mental health issues and initiatives among women, black women and families

From these efforts, we know women face a multitude of obstacles and life stressors that affect their health. This initiative will help engage, empower and advocate for women to make meaningful change. Together.