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Explore Initiatives

We empower people who face health disparities to take control of their health through classes workshops and more.



Hear from the people who work with us everyday through videos and photos. If you have an experience to share, we want to hear about it.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

  • Do Right! Relax & Restore, 6/15  >>Go
  • Dr. Jenny Laster Community Engagement Academy 6/27  >>Go


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Did You Know that Race Can Predict How Long You Live?

We are building a culture of health in Cincinnati to empower our people where they live, work and play. The Health Gap addresses the very real issue of health disparities in Cincinnati. From government and health organization partnerships to grassroots programs and initiatives, we are improving lives every day.

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A Grassroots Movement

In 2004 former Cincinnati Mayor Dwight Tillery founded the Health Gap. His mission to eliminate racial and health disparities through education, advocacy and outreach. The vision for the Health Gap was to make Cincinnati a healthier region — not just for some or most of the population but for all.


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Celebrating Black History Month: Dr. Regina Benjamin

Posted Wednesday, February 27, 2019 by healthgap

By Jude Luke Dr. Regina Benjamin served...

By Jude Luke Dr. Regina Benjamin served as the 18th US Surgeon General from 2009-2013, making her the 3rd black...

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Celebrating Black History Month: Dr. Lucy Oxley

Posted Thursday, February 14, 2019 by healthgap

By Jude Luke Dr. Lucy Oxley was...

By Jude Luke Dr. Lucy Oxley was the first African American woman to earn a Medical Degree from the University...

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The Best Advice for Covering Alzheimer’s Care Expenses

Posted Thursday, February 7, 2019 by healthgap

Living with Alzheimer’s disease presents a number...

Living with Alzheimer’s disease presents a number of challenges. However, there are some simple solutions for covering the costs of...

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