Relax & Restore



A six-week series that helps participants understand and cope with stress.

Do Right! Relax and Restore is a free six-week interactive wellness series that will arm you with strategies and tools to cope with stress through mindfulness, art, nutrition, holistic health, and healthy relationships. During this series, you will practice skills to free yourself from unproductive anxieties and unhealthy behaviors so that you can experience peace and joy in your daily life. You will enjoy hands-on activities, expert support, and weekly giveaways that will help you on your way to improving your stress management skills.

Stress is something that we all encounter in our daily lives. The pressure from work, home, or school can be overwhelming. Stress often hits us at times when we least expect it, but it can be managed and it does not have to control us. While we cannot avoid all stress, we can learn to change how we react to stress for better overall health.


  • Stress and race
  • Mindfulness
  • Holistic health
  • Nutrition and stress
  • Creative expression
  • Relationships and communication

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