Do Right!


Do Right!® Health Campaign

The Do Right!® Health campaign was launched in 2005 to combat family obesity. The effort promotes healthy living through nutrition and physical activity serving almost 20,000 participants to date.

The Do Right! Campaign empowers communities to improve nutrition and increase physical activity. The campaign encourages healthy lifestyles that reduce obesity and obesity-related diseases. The Do Right! Campaign also focuses on removing barriers that exist in the environment that limit access to healthy eating and physical activity.

Do Right! Health Campaign was originally launched in 2005 to combat family obesity and has engaged almost 20,000 participants to date. Through Community Based Participatory Research and the principles “Eat Right, Move Right, Live Right,” this campaign equips community residents to take ownership and craft solutions to improve their health. The ultimate goal is to reduce health disparities and create a sustainable culture of health throughout the entire community.