Do Right!® Kids



Rockdale Academy Elementary School, Frederick Douglass Elementary School, Ethel M. Taylor Academy, William H. Taft Elementary School, Western Hills High School

The Do Right! Kids Program is designed to address the childhood obesity epidemic through a family-centered nutrition and physical activity program.  The objective of the Do Right! Kids program is to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged, overweight or obese children and children at risk for obesity and becoming overweight.  The program provides a 12-week curriculum that educates children and their families about the importance of eating health and getting physical activity.  The instruction is hands-on and activity-based.  The program has three components: In-School, After School, and Family and Community Nights. So far, 1,431 students have participated in the in-school and afterschool activities since the beginning of the Do Right! Kids Initiative.

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Do Right! Produce Markets: Combating Food Deserts

The Produce Markets provide fresh affordable produce to community residents. They are held bi-monthly where the community can purchase produce bags for $5. The convenience locations include Taft Elementary, Douglass Elementary, and Rockdale Academy. To date, 992 fresh produce bags have gone home with children and their families.