Black Men’s Health



Black Men’s Health Initiative has reached more than 620 men since 2013.

The goal of the Black Men’s Health Initiative is to educate black men about their health concerns and to encourage them to go to wellness appointments, seek out preventative care, and to monitor and treat any conditions they may have regularly as well as discuss men’s health and community issues.

The Health Gap hosts workshops through the year, addressing health issues that affect Black men in great numbers. The workshops help to educate those on the difference between myths and facts about their health.

Men’s Health Activities

  • Black Men’s Health Conference: Held annually, the Black Men’s Health Conference brings together health experts, area physicians and community members for a day of education surrounding health issues that specifically impact black men at rates greater than other populations.
  • Men’s Health Workshops: The men’s health workshops are smaller, half-day events that are focused on specific topics. The workshops will be held quarterly.
  • Youth Conference: The youth conference brings boys ages 12-17 to The Health Gap for a day of learning about how your health impacts your future and how to become the man they want to be.

Past Events

“Black Men: Endangered or Thriving? Your Health. Your Choices. Your Responsibility.” — featuring Dr. Randall Morgan

“Black Men: What is your future?” — featuring Dick Gregory

“Men’s Health Matters” — featuring Dr. Ian Smith

“Marijuana Conspiracy: Loud & Clear” — featuring Dr. Kamaria Tyehimba