Healthy Living Task Force



The Center for Closing the Health Gap is collaborating with the City of Cincinnati to create a healthier community.

By helping to implement the goals of the Healthy Living Task Force. This is being done by identifying ways to accelerate progress in obesity prevention through food access, education, schools, marketing, advertising and physical activity. The City recognized the Task Force and adopted the Health in All Policies (HiAP) resolution November 9, 2016 supporting the HiAP framework which integrates health considerations into decision making processes across all departments and policy areas within the city.

The Health Gap with consultant, Dr. Sandra Whitehead held a one-day HIAP workshop with city department heads to achieve the following:

  • To raise awareness of the vital role city government plays in determining the health of its citizens
  • To integrate and elevate efforts already being made by the health department and Closing the Health Gap to improve the quality of life for residents of Cincinnati
  • To create a mechanism for all city departments to participate in creating a healthier community through the Health in All Policies implementation plan
  • To account for and report on activities city departments are already working on that contribute to the health of citizens

The Taskforce’s Goal Areas

  1. Food access
  2. Schools
  3. Marketing and advertising food messaging
  4. Physical activity (through Parks and Recreation)
  5. Built environment (land use)