The Health Gap’s goal is to make Cincinnati a healthier place to  live by promoting a culture of health where you live, work, and play.

Every year, we help thousands of our neighbors live better and live stronger with job fairs, community dinners, and healthy living initiatives that provide residents with the tools to stay healthy. Hear some of what the Cincinnati community has to say about our work.

Video Testimonials

Testimonials from Civic Leaders to Our Neighbors

“Before the campaign, neighbors didn’t interact with each other. We started small with a festival and a potluck, and it jut took off. We even had one neighbor end us a thank you letter for helping them develop relationships as different cultures continue to move in and out of the neighborhood.” –Carolyn Edwards, Community Health Champion, Do Right! Mount Auburn Block by Block Campaign

“The programs, initiatives and models created by the Health Gap today will drive how we serve minority populations in the future. They’re game changing. As they build on the amazing work they’ve done throughout the last ten years, I’m grateful to be a partner.” –Lourdes Ribera, President LULAC Cincinnati, Director LULAC Ohio

“The Health Gap is leading the community on the discussion and action plan to continue tackling infant mortality. Everyone is recognizing the prevalence of infant mortality in the Black community in Cincinnati but the Health Gap is mobilizing with the community to make sure Black babies live to see their first birthday.” –Wendell Young, Council member, Cincinnati City Council

“Many of the young men we tried to help have criminal records. I had no idea how hard it is for them to find work. I learned so much about what they need to be employable, and I plan to keep spreading the word about opportunities for them through our job fair.” -Dinell Gooch, Health Champion, Do Right! Mount Auburn Block by Block Campaign

“It has been a great learning and relationship building with the session, workshops and educational information we as a family have received . Thank you and the staff.” -Johnny Taylor, Cincinnati Resident