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Engaging and Educating Our Community

Posted Wednesday August 08, 2018 by healthgap

Over the past few weeks, the Center for Closing the Health Gap has been reaching out to the community to continue engaging and educating residents about the importance of taking...

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The Importance of Exercise

Posted Monday July 23, 2018 by healthgap

Exercise. It’s a concept that some people dread, while others love. The necessity of exercise to a healthy life is well known, but sometimes, it’s difficult to motivate yourself to...

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Hepatitis: What Is It and How We Can Treat It

Posted Thursday July 19, 2018 by healthgap

Cincinnati residents are affected by a variety of diseases, according to the Cincinnati Health Department’s Infectious Disease Surveillance Summaries. These include foodborne illnesses such as E. coli, diseases spread by...

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Preventing and Managing Diabetes

Posted Tuesday June 26, 2018 by healthgap

What is Diabetes? When diagnosed with diabetes, there is a lot of new information to process. You can’t dive into treating your diabetes without having a real understanding of what...

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