Past Initiative: Avondale Choice Neighborhoods

Posted Thursday October 31, 2019


Igniting conversation, providing knowledge and resources, and working hand in hand with residents in order to improve health outcomes.

The Avondale Choice Health Program was developed as the Health and Wellness arm of a $29 million dollar grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and HUD, geared toward the revitalization of the Avondale Public Housing Community.

The Center for Closing the Health Gap, the Community Builders Inc., the Avondale Development Corporation, Gabriel’s Place, Freestore Foodbank, and the Universal Healthcare Action Network are all working in partnership to help the residents of eight buildings achieve their goals.  We, at the Center for Closing the Health Gap, are particularly working within the partnership to help residents achieve positive health outcomes through the following five initiatives:

Do Right! Get Healthy Summer, Fall, and Spring Series

Deliver three quarterly events in an effort to connect residents to Primary Care Physicians (PCP), educate on PCP importance and raise awareness through disease education, healthy eating, and physical activity

Do right! Get Covered insurance Enrollment Series

Host a series of insurance enrollment sessions to educate and enroll Choice Residents in Medicaid health insurance in collaboration with the Freestore Foodbank and the Universal Health Care Action Network.

Choice Do right! Community Gardens

Work with Garden Coordinator to increase the number of Choice residents engaged and involved in community gardens at South Avondale Elementary and Avondale Mart.

CPS Mini Health Awareness Fair

Host mini health awareness events for children and adults during the school year.

Choice Residents Health Chat

Host social media Facebook live chats addressing identifies chronic diseases facilitated by Choice residents.


The goals of this program are to increase the number of target adult residents with health insurance and a PCP; increase the percentage of target adult residents scheduling annual well-care visits; coordinate outside education and programming provided by outside organizations; coordinate maintenance of Avondale Community Gardens.

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