CEO Corner: National Stroke Month Survivor Spotlight

Posted Monday May 11, 2020

May is National Stroke Month

Life has many challenges and many obstacles. We can choose to go through them, around them, over them, or under them but whatever direction you choose DO NOT GIVE UP! Strokes do not discriminate, it can happen to anyone regardless of economic status, race, or age.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, and WE stroke survivors must not ever give up! Exercise, healthy eating, and alternative stroke recovery methods have proven to me I can be better every day.

Yes, I had a massive cryptogenic stroke on October 3, 2017. My stroke has been a major setback for my life, but I am rising like a Phoenix. What it means it I am ‘Alternatively Abled’ yet I am improving every day. It means that because of the Aphasia, my speech is slow, but my brain is still working hard to function.

Treat stoke survivors with compassionate care and understanding. We are striving to be whole.

My stroke has given me encouragement to get back to balance and to give back to others more so than I did before. My stroke has been a superpower a new beginning and a reset of my life.

May is Stroke Awareness Month and I am empowered to never give up.

By Trazana A. Staples of

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