Flu Vaccine Awareness

Posted Tuesday November 09, 2021

With winter, brings cold and flu season. Here are some things you should know about the flu and getting the flu shot:

The Basics of the Flu

  • The flu is a respiratory infection that normally causes mild illness.
  • In some instances, it can cause serious complications and death, particularly in people over 65, newborns, and in those with chronic illnesses.
  • Symptoms of the flu include fever, runny/stuffy nose, coughing, muscle aches, headache, and tiredness.
  • The flu is spread by infected fluid droplets. When someone with the flu coughs, sneezes, or talks, these droplets can fly through the air or settle on frequently touched surfaces.
  • If you believe you have the flu you can help prevent others from getting it by wearing a mask, washing your hands and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces.

Getting the Flu Shot

  • The flu or influenza vaccine or shot is an injection given by a healthcare professional which can prevent some viral respiratory infections that cause the flu.
  • You can receive free or low-cost vaccinations at many different Cincinnati Public Health Department locations, click here to be taken to their website and choose Medical as the Health Care Type and Immunizations from the Additional Services dropdowns. insights.cincinnati-oh.gov/stories/s/tgfw-4wez
  • Hamilton County Public Health Department holds free vaccination clinics frequently, click here to visit their website. hamiltoncountyhealth.org/services/for-residents/vaccinations
  • Find local retail pharmacy flu vaccination sites using the CDC’s interactive map here. vaccines.gov/find-vaccines
  • Flu vaccines are usually free if you have an insurance or healthcare plan. If you don’t have insurance, you can call the pharmacy or clinic to find out if they offer free flu vaccines, many places do!

  • There are several different types of flu vaccines. Make sure to talk to your healthcare provider about which one is right for you.
  • It is recommended that after the COVID-19 vaccination people wait 14 days before getting a flu vaccine. Please visit the Health Gap’s COVID-19 page here. It includes helpful information about the COVID-19 vaccine. covid19communityresources.com/vaccine


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