Local students can win $500 from the ‘Slow Down to Save Lives’ slogan contest (WCPO)

Posted Wednesday May 10, 2023

CINCINNATI — Students in kindergarten through 12th grade at all schools are invited to submit a catchy slogan for the Slow Down to Save Lives Slogan Contest.

Submissions can be by TikTok, video (mp4), photo, poster or just emailed words.

While students are busy creating slogans to remind drivers to slow down and stop at red lights, Cincinnati City members encourage teachers, parents, and guardians to remind students about pedestrian safety rules: only cross at crosswalks, wait for the light, look both ways before crossing, and walk facing traffic.

The winning slogan to remind drivers to slow down and not run through red lights will be announced in late May. There will be one $500 prize for the winning slogan. Students may submit more than one slogan, and they may enter the contest individually or in a group. The Center for Closing the Health Gap will put together a panel of judges to choose the winning slogan.

The winning slogan will also be featured in a PSA produced by WCPO 9.

“I think a lot of times, when you see young people involved, people pay attention,” said council member Scotty Johnson.

This is the hope of this contest.

“If they start to speed they’ll go ‘wait’ and then they’ll think of the slogan. Or if they see a red light, before they go through it, they’ll go ‘wait’ and then think of the slogan,” said Cincinnati Vice Mayor, Jan-Michele Kearney.

This is all part of a broader focus on from City Council on pedestrian safety.

“Last year, there were the fewest pedestrian/vehicle crashes in 9 years,” said council member Mark Jeffreys.

There were 269 pedestrian-involved crashes in 2022.

“It continues to be a challenge, not just in the numbers but in people’s perception of safety because anytime I’m in a public forum, I ask folks ‘who here has seen some crazy driving?’ and everyone’s hands go up,” Jeffreys said.

City leaders say they’re working to further reduce pedestrian crashes with education, enforcement and engineering.

The deadline to enter the Slow Down to Save Lives contest is May 12, 2023, at midnight. Submit slogans to https://closingthehealthgap.org/slow-down/

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