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Posted Tuesday October 11, 2022

When caregivers, like you, are empowered to take care of themselves, you can better care for those who depend on you most. Learn more about our Caregiver Series.

My Caregiver Story: Immanuel

In a world that often seems to move at an unstoppable pace, there are individuals who pause, look around, and decide to make a difference. Immanuel’s journey as a caregiver started with caring for his father as a young man.

As the primary caregiver for his father, he understands firsthand the challenges, the sacrifices, and the emotional toll that caregiving demands and how it’s easy to isolate yourself from being a part of a community.

“Caring For Caregivers is more than an initiative; it’s a movement,” says Immanuel Floyd, This powerful statement encapsulates the spirit of his work. It’s not merely a job; it’s a calling, a mission to transform the lives of caregivers and, by extension, the lives of those they care for.

Caregivers are the unsung heroes of our society, often silently shouldering immense responsibilities. Immanuel, through his work with Caring For Caregivers, recognizes the need for a holistic approach. He facilitates support groups, organizes workshops, and provides a safe space for caregivers to share their experiences. In these interactions, he doesn’t just offer practical solutions; he offers something far more precious — understanding.

Immanuel wants to help create a safe space and let caregivers know they are not alone. The Caregiver’s initiative has sparked a ripple effect, transforming isolated struggles into collective strength.

Immanuel Floyd’s story is a beacon of hope, reminding us of the transformative power of empathy and compassion.

My Caregiver Story: Mary

In the quiet corners of our communities, there are unsung heroes whose stories often go unheard. Mary Ponder is one such hero, a resilient woman who is the primary caregiver for her elderly mother. Mary has experienced stress, isolation, and even moments of depression that often accompany the act of caregiving.

Mary’s story is a testament to the challenges faced by millions of caregivers worldwide. The emotional and physical toll of looking after a loved one, while deeply rewarding, can be overwhelming. Mary’s life took a positive turn when she discovered the Caring for Caregivers program offered by the Center For Closing The Health Gap, a lifeline that brought hope.

Caring for an elderly parent can be both beautiful and burdensome. For Mary, the responsibility of being the primary caregiver for her mother meant at times sacrificing her own needs and even her well-being.


“The journey of caregiving is often lonely. You’re giving your all, but it can feel like nobody sees your struggles.” Mary confessed.


Mary found hope in the form of the Caring for Caregivers program initiated by the Center For Closing The Health Gap. This program was a safe space for caregivers like Mary, offering them the support, resources, and understanding they so desperately needed.

The Caring for Caregivers program became Mary’s lifeline, teaching her the importance of self-care amidst her caregiving duties. Through counseling, support groups, and access to vital resources, Mary began to regain her strength. She learned that taking care of herself was not selfish but essential.

Mary’s journey is a reminder that caregivers are not alone. There are programs and communities ready to lend a helping hand, providing the support needed to navigate the challenges of caregiving. Her story also stands as a beacon, illuminating the importance of self-care in the often-overlooked world of caregivers.

As we celebrate Mary’s strength and resilience, let her story serve as a call to action. Let us recognize the silent heroes among us and support them in their journey. Together, we can ensure that no caregiver feels alone, and that every caregiving journey is filled with the compassion and support it truly deserves.

In the words of Mary herself, “The caregivers program really helped me to prioritize self-care and connected me to resources that helped both me and my mother.”

My Caregiver Story: Curtis

Curtis Ponder Sr., a dedicated son, has embraced a role that millions find both rewarding and challenging: being the primary caregiver for his elderly mother. Curtis’s journey is one marked by selflessness and determination, but it is also one fraught with stress, and even depression.

For years, he has been the primary source of comfort and care for his elderly mother, a role that, while filled with love, has also brought its fair share of challenges. The stress of providing round-the-clock care, the weight of isolation, and the burden of managing his mother’s health took a toll on Curtis’s well-being. He found himself struggling, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too.

In Curtis’s own words, “The Caregivers program helped me by connecting me to a network of other caregivers. It helped me finally get out of the house.” This poignant statement encapsulates the transformative impact of the Caring for Caregivers program on his life.

The Caring for Caregivers program is more than just a support network; it’s a community that understands the unique challenges faced by individuals like Curtis. The program offers a safe space where caregivers can share their experiences, fears, and triumphs without judgment. For Curtis, this sense of belonging was invaluable. Meeting others who walked similar paths made him realize he was not alone in his struggles.

The program facilitated group discussions, workshops, and counseling sessions, providing caregivers with practical tools to manage stress and promote self-care. These resources were not just informative but also comforting, offering tangible solutions to the complex emotional landscape of caregiving.

One of the program’s most significant offerings was the opportunity to expand his support network. Curtis found solace in the friendships he formed within the caregiver community. These connections became a source of strength, a reminder that there were people who cared, understood, and were willing to lend a helping hand.


My Caregiver Story: Sanita

Sanita’s story is not one of her choosing; rather, it was a responsibility thrust upon her unexpectedly. Tragedy struck when her mother passed away, leaving her with the responsibility of caring for her grandmother. Overnight, the role of a daughter transformed into that of a primary caregiver. This transition was not only emotionally challenging but also physically and mentally demanding. 

What made Sanita’s journey even more remarkable was her ability to persevere despite the lack of substantial support from her family. She found herself shouldering the immense burden of her grandmother’s care alone, navigating a complex maze of responsibilities and emotions. The weight of her new role threatened to overwhelm her, and at times, she felt isolated and desperate for help.

Amid her struggle, Sanita found a beacon of hope in the form of the Caring for Caregivers program. This program not only provided invaluable resources but also connected her with a community of caregivers who understood her journey intimately. Through this initiative, Sanita discovered a network of caregivers, individuals who shared her challenges, fears, and triumphs. For the first time in a long while, she felt understood and supported.

Sanita’s words echo the sentiments of countless caregivers who have found solace in the Caring for Caregivers program. In her own words, she shares, “The Caring for Caregivers program is the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.”

Through the program, Sanita received not just practical assistance but also emotional support. The burden that once weighed heavily on her shoulders became a shared load, lightened by the helping hands of those who genuinely cared. The program equipped her with essential skills, valuable knowledge, and a sense of community that became her pillars of strength.

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