Past Initiative: Do Right! Babies

Posted Thursday October 31, 2019

Working in Cincinnati Neighborhoods

Evanston, South Cumminsville, Walnut Hills, and Avondale

The Do Right! Babies team is working with neighborhood residents for positive health changes and outcomes that will empower them to adopt healthy lifestyles behaviors for themselves and their babies. We offer bi-weekly community education and outreach opportunities in each of our neighborhoods. The Do Right! Babies is currently holding activities in Evanston, South Cumminsville, Walnut Hills, and Avondale. Over the last two years we have reached 1,871 people.

There are 3 main focuses of this initiative which are Eat Right, Move Right, & Live Right.


Eat Right! Focusing on healthy nutrition for families and pregnant women.

  • Healthy Cooking Classes
  • Healthy Meal Planning
  • Diabetes Workshops
  • Gardening (growing your own healthy foods)
  • How to grocery shop and eat healthy on a budget
  • How to read and understand food nutrition labels

Live Right! Focusing on community engagement and helping families become more engaged in what is happening in their communities.

  • Community Engagement Academy – know how to get involved in your community
  • “Sister Speaks” – Conversation Circles:  Support group discussions for teen girls and young moms
  • Parenting Classes for new moms
  • Mental health support
  • Breastfeeding classes: education and benefits
  • Parent’s Night Out – healthy living events for entire family

Move Right! Focusing on keeping new and expecting mothers active through activities such as yoga, zumba, walking, or meditation.

  • Yoga classes for pregnant women
  • Low impact Zumba for new moms
  • Neighborhood Walking Clubs
  • Meditation classes

Fatherhood Mentoring Forums

  • Infant Safe Sleep training
  • Knowing Matters / When police stop you
  • Child Support and father’s rights
  • Know your score – Credit repair
  • Employment opportunities
  • Starting your own business

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