CEO Corner: A Message on Voting

Posted Friday October 30, 2020

By Renee Mahaffey Harris, Health Gap President & CEO


November 3, 2020, is a Powerhouse election. Whether you are a dreamer, hoping in some way to improve the historical landscape of America or transform the lives of families living in poverty across the state of Ohio, the importance of voting has never been clearer. Our country is in the middle of a political divide where radical change between those “who have and have not is greater than ever”. Others are demanding police reform compared to those who prefer a stronger criminal justice system. And there are those who believe all our children deserve a good education while others think the quality of education is dependent on your residing zip code.

No matter your side of the divide your 2020 vote determines how our communities are policed, the conditions and success of our schools, and hospitals. For African American’s voting, this year is particularly important because the Black vote has the potential to determine who will become President of the United States.  Our vote determines the presiding judges who will enforce our laws and the Senators who regulate how much taxpayer’s money is used to benefit our communities. When YOU vote YOU exercise your right to choose, when you don’t vote you give up your personal power. Vote for candidates that support issues beneficial to you and your family. Whoever is elected, continue to use your personal power to create teachable moments to voice your needs and concerns to politicians and elected officials. I encourage YOU to Step Up and Stand Out with your SuperPower and VOTE!

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