CEO Corner: Black Women’s Health Movement

Posted Tuesday January 14, 2020

A message from Health Gap President & CEO Renee Mahaffey Harris. 

Last month The Health Gap launched the Black Women’s Health Movement. To prepare, we conducted primary qualitative and quantitative research among Black women in the Greater Cincinnati area of different ages and education levels, and a national literature review – am confident we understand what Black women need and want to live healthier lives.

Now that the research is over, it is time for action. For The Health Gap that means facilitating an infrastructure that enables women, organizations, businesses to bring real change to our city. What does it mean for you?

There is a lot of individualized programming and initiatives in Greater Cincinnati trying to reach Black women. Unfortunately, working in silos is limiting the potential success of all of our efforts. We know this because health disparities have not changed in 30 years. There is strength in numbers! With your help, BWHM will move the needle on health outcomes for Black families.

The Health Gap is the catalyst for improving health outcomes. Our experience has impacted over 365,000 people regionally and uniquely enables us to mobilize this movement of individuals, organizations, businesses, and providers. Our aim is to mobilize the city to bring culturally relevant, evidence-based solutions to improve the health outcomes of Black Women and their families.

By joining the movement: Women will have resources that are designed by and for them. Organizations will expand their reach and have a stronger impact. Businesses will share their expertise and grow there awareness. Everyone has a place/purpose within one or more of the focus areas: Physical Health, Mindful Health, Economic Health, Community Health.

Join the Black Women’s Health Movement! A movement that designed to engage and empower African American women across the socioeconomic spectrum in Greater Cincinnati to live healthier lives — body and mind.

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