Weekly News Roundup July 13, 2020

Posted Monday July 13, 2020

Michigan task force to address disproportionate impact of coronavirus on black communities


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the severe inequities that communities of color face. In Michigan, black residents constitute 14% of the state’s population but represent 40% of the cases. In order to battle these inequities, Gov. Whitmer has established a task force to investigate the disproportionate number of black residents that are being affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Why A ‘Racial Equity Framework’ For Black People Is Needed With Coronavirus Stimulus Package


As the Government prepares to provide a $2 Trillion relief package for families and small businesses to help overcome the crisis, the author speaks about the need to do more to help the black community achieve the same economic benchmarks that are standard for the rest of America. Decade of segregation and red lining have led black communities struggling to keep up economically and the time seems ripe for the Government to help the black community alleviate the decades of injustice.

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