Weekly News Roundup June 29, 2020

Posted Monday June 22, 2020

The Pandemic Could Lead to More Discrimination against Black People


While it will take a long time to understand the full range of effects of COVID-19 on racial disparities, if previous economic disasters are to examined, a disturbing trend of discrimination against communities of color especially African Americans is seen. Studies suggests that when resources are scarce, white participants without egalitarian beliefs gave black participants only $0.66 dollars  per $1 they gave to white participants.


Covid-19 will pass. Will we be able to say the same about the racism it has illuminated?


The COVID-19 pandemic has bought to light the effect systemic racism plays on health disparities. During the same time, a strong wave of cities and organizations declaring racism as a public health crisis has been seen. The time is right for the federal government to declare racism a public health crisis seeing as how the declaration of a crisis puts reform into motion as seen when COVID-19 was declared a crisis.

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